Monday, December 29, 2014

Taking Care of Our Bodies

How do you take care of your body?

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Along the Way...

So many things have happened globally -
The Malaysian Airlines that disappeared into the Indian Ocean and never recovered, then another Malaysian Airlines that was shot by a Russian missile into the sea - What a curse, God forbid!!
And another plane crash, Asian Air, intothe Java Sea just recently but fortunately recovered
The Ebola Outbreak, ISIS, Terrorism in Paris and Europe, The Black Killings by White Cops in Missouri and New York
US-Cuba Relationship rekindled, that's good news, at least!

And locally, on Sports -
Another World Series Championship for SF Giants!!! God, I watched the whole World Series, so excited and proud, but just never had the urge to write about it.
SF49ers OUT!! - Forget it!

And many more events worldwide, mostly bad news... What is the whole world coming to??

Meanwhile, personally not caring for the world 'round me, I became a couch potato, not exercising, doing nothing. I watched some TV movies here and there with Norman, and there were those that particularly entertained and inspired me with nice dialogues that kept me going during my low points. One says, "You must do the thing you think you cannot do."- The Roosevelts on PBS - Right on.

THE CHEF, story of a chef who was fired from work.  He tells her girlfriend he was totally lost and she says, "Sometimes that's a good place to start."WOW!

Another TV movie, ZERO THEOREM, more like a digital video game movie, I didn't like at all, I fell asleep on the couch while Norman was totally entertained. But somehow, I could hear here and there and the one that  really  clicked were these words, "Nothing lasts forever so there's no need to worry." How cool is that!

I bought some books, too, and started reading THE ELEMENT about how finding your passion changes everything and FINDING YOUR ELEMENT on how to discover your talents and passions and transform your life by Ken Robinson with Lou Aronica. Inspired by stories of the BEATLES' Paul McCartneyGillian Lynne, one of the most accomplished choreographers of our time, and others, I thought, they found their one element in life, the one thing they wanted to do in their lives, and they did it to be who they really were. Splendid! But what if you have other passions? Or love one, and like the others, but the one you love most is not earning you enough money so you have to be realistic and do the others to help you financially support the one you love the most? I'm one of those with many passions, so what do I do? Music is my passion, but discovered through my birth chart (jyotish) that I had a knack for health and medicine, too. And as my vedic astrologer (jyotishee), Mark Kincaid, said in one of our readings recently, "... and don't forget your writing, too."
After that conversation, I knew I was going back to writing/blogging again.

And remember how I would talk about how God whispers to us, how Nature gives us gentle reminders?
I saw these words at Starbucks -  All Is Bliss.
And on a tote bag at Calzone at North Beach - Life is a Special Occasion.

I tell ya, God loves Starbucks.
And "The Devil Wears Prada"?! God loves tote bags and puts His priceless words of wisdom on 'em.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Hello Again

Last week, I saw a documentary on The Killing of Obama Bin Laden on FOX Cable and it was quite fascinating. It was really intense but what I enjoyed more was the story of the SEALS, the most elite group of the U.S. NAVY. God, the training these men go through, it's a point of no return once you start! Unbelievable! Inspired me to get back to finishing up the book NO EASY DAY by Mark Owen, a pseudo name of one of the SEALS who killed Bin Laden. There's controversy as to who really killed Bin Laden. The one on TV, Rob O'Neill, said it was he, himself, who shot Bin Laden, not the author of the book, Mark Owen. They both claimed they were the 2nd man on line and each one shot Bin Laden. But things happened in a matter of seconds, it's hard to remember what they saw in those seconds.  But it doesn't matter. BIN LADEN IS DEAD. That's what matters most, not who did it.

Something about the documentary prompted me to get back to writing/blogging. Definitely not Bin Laden. It's the SEALS, their character, their attitude. I can't remember specifically what, but they inspired me to keep going, especially at my lowest points the past few months...

It's been awhile, a longggg while. A lot of things have happened along the way personally and globally, good, bad, happy, sad. On a personal note, I had some health issues. Subsequently, I was very angry, in denial, overwhelmed by stress, anxieties. Very depressed, I became incommunicado. I was in Silencio... I refrained from blogging, writing, even making music. I did nothing, I was nothing. I hit rock bottom. Like Bin Laden, I was dead. You can call it that.

There were things that would come along the way, but nothing was worth anything. Sometimes I would put my thoughts in a draft but never continued through. But there was something that would occur constantly, a religious experience, a connection with the Blessed Virgin Mary. I've always had a close connection with the Virgin Mary, in this life and past, past lives. But these past few months, as I said, I was incommunicado, but as much as I ignored her, I couldn't totally do so. She was always there.

When my niece, Lourdes, and her husband, Brian, were in Fatima, Portugal, in October, month of the Holy Rosary, couldn't be more special and timely, she text me right there to tell me she prayed for my particular intentions, for all of us, friends and families, all loved ones. Since then, whenever I prayed to Mary, somehow, I would hear her say, "I know about that."
She knew. And when I'd pray for my family, especially for my mother, and everyone I could think of, again she'd say, "I know about that," as if everyone, everything that Loudette and Brian prayed for in their visit to Fatima, she knew already. They didn't have to go to Fatima to pray for us. The Blessed Virgin hears our prayers wherever we are, but that trip of theirs made it so very special for us all. Like she knew us all personally, and she knew our wants and needs before we could even utter them.
And through it all, one word, one word, she would repeatedly tell me in a whisper, "Miraculous."
Then she adds another word to it -  a secret, a mighty secret!

It's been like that since... And my moods turned into bliss.

Meanwhile, even before Fatima happened in October, I have 3 girlfriends who didn't know one another, 2 of them, Lulu and Clara, like voices from the past, called me out of the blue! Both had the same experience - they found my phone number out of their old, old address/phone books from about the 1990s and early 2000s respectively. Both are very religious, have had visionary experiences, and both are very close to the Blessed Virgin Mary. Then Chris, who organized our Pilgrimage to the Holy Land last 2013, called me to invite me to join their upcoming pilgrimage to the places of the apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Fatima, Lourdes, and Medjugore, plus other religious tours next year. When they called me separately, yet almost right after the other, I felt it was Mother Mary who was doing this through them. More than felt, I knew.

And today... today is her feast day, the Feast of the Immaculate Conception. How special is that!
And today, too, someone sent me a Paul McCartney at Kennedy Center Honors, and guess what one of his finale numbers was, LET IT BE. Check out the lyrics -

"Let It Be"
When I find myself in times of trouble
Mother Mary comes to me
Speaking words of wisdom, let it be
And in my hour of darkness
She is standing right in front of me
Speaking words of wisdom, let it be

Let it be, let it be
Let it be, let it be
Whisper words of wisdom, let it be

And when the broken-hearted people
Living in the world agree
There will be an answer, let it be
For though they may be parted
There is still a chance that they will see
There will be an answer, let it be

Let it be, let it be
Let it be, let it be
Yeah, there will be an answer, let it be
Let it be, let it be
Let it be, let it be
Whisper words of wisdom, let it be

Let it be, let it be
Ah, let it be, yeah, let it be
Whisper words of wisdom, let it be

And when the night is cloudy
There is still a light that shines on me
Shine on until tomorrow, let it be
I wake up to the sound of music,
Mother Mary comes to me
Speaking words of wisdom, let it be

Let it be, let it be
Let it be, yeah, let it be
Oh, there will be an answer, let it be
Let it be, let it be
Let it be, yeah, let it be
Whisper words of wisdom, let it be

And I'm back into writing again?!... Today, December 8, Feastday of our Lady?!


Thursday, October 16, 2014


Grounded in Being - Change is welcome
All things in relative life change, and I adapt willingly and easily.

Change allows me to experience my true nature of manifestation.

Change energizes me.

Change helps me to grow.

Change is a wonderful learning experience for me.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Robin Williams

Robin Williams dead at 63 of apparent suicide. WHY?? You made the whole world laugh except yourself. WHY?? How tragic, how sad!

I'm speechless...

You were great, Robin. Make God laugh this time. You always did! He's proud of you. We love you, we'll miss you!

Friday, June 27, 2014

Dang, I Made a Hasty Decision!

There I was with a beautiful thought for the day a family friend said about decisions. And almost immediately after, I was cursing a sleepless night on my blog!

What's all that about?

I wasn't thinking!! With no sleep, how could I have a clear mind?! Yes, I always try to have a clear mind before making decisions.

What decisions?

Decisions, like what to post on my blog, what to write about. I, generally, like to talk about good stuff, things positive, motivating, inspirational, uplifting, nothing negative, and on and on and on...

And there I was, swearing!! I just wanted to write down what I felt at the moment. And words could not describe what I was feeling, so there it was.

So what now?

What now?

... I can delete all this and pretend nothing happened.

But you know what, I'm not here to impress. I'm here to be honest. Honest with myself. And honest with you. I'm not here to just describe what I feel. I'm here to express how I feel... And that's exactly how I felt at that moment.

That's all I can really say. No apologies. I'm here to simply express myself on anything, everything, or even nothing. Just being quiet and observant, being still and resting, sleeping...


Thursday, June 26, 2014

No Sleep!!

!@#$%^&*()_+?! F**K!!!!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Thought of the Day

A decision made in haste is made in waste.

Indeed! That's why I don't make decisions when I'm tired, angry, or the like. I try not to, anyway. I, generally, wait till my mind is clear.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Divine Something?

I had this experience Sunday that was quite unusual. I couldn't go to mass since I had to work, but since it was nice outside, I thought I'd take a walk before going to work. Once I was outside the house, I didn't know whether to turn left or right. I decided to go left. Enjoying the  walk, I saw a sign on a street corner about new summer classes, including ZUMBA which I've been quite excited to take, being offered at a health club in the neighborhood. I couldn't decide whether to go visit the club then or continue my walk. Just when the streetlight changed from red to green, I decided, last minute, to check out the club.

I liked the place, I like the classes, so I thought I'd come back and enroll the next day or so when I was off. I left the club and I didn't know whether to go left or right again. Then I decided to go right and while walking, it dawned on me that I was close to the church so I thought I might as well go visit. It felt good to realize I could go to church after all. I knew I couldn't stay for the whole mass but a short stay would be okay. Once inside, I started my usual prayers, but to my amazement, I couldn't pray. I kept stopping, I didn't know why. The mass was starting, the processional music being sang by the choir, so I thought I'd just join in and continue praying later. After that, I started to pray again but I couldn't pray. I couldn't do it. It felt strange. Something was stopping me. An inner voice was telling me not to pray. It was telling me to listen instead.

Then suddenly, I remembered something. When I was a little girl, one of my favorite prayers was, "Speak me to me, Lord, for I am listening."

God was talking to me... Yes, God was talking to me. So I did just that. I listened. I listened the whole time, in church, when I left the church, even on my way to work. And believe me, the whole day, the whole night, I was calm. Since I couldn't interrupt God, I had nothing else to do but be quiet and listen, be patient, be still... CALMNESS surrounded me through and through. Yes, it was God 's way of calming me down, at work, most especially.

What an experience! It would never have happened if I didn't go to church. And it would never have happened if I didn't decide to go check out the health club. I would have been farther off from church if I had crossed the street instead. And it would never have happened if I had decided to turn right and go the opposite direction. And, again, it would never have happened if I had just went straight to work instead of taking a nice walk in the neighborhood first. Whatever that was that was seemingly mundane, it was marvelous! It was something divine...


Talk More About... TM

Look what I've just found. I've read this over and over before but nothing lifts me up like TM -

Now, if I could only do it regularly...


Monday, June 2, 2014


HAPPY, a documentary on PBS on the meaning and source of human happiness featuring peoples from all walks of life including various scientists and experts who weigh in on the experience of feeling happy.

Channel surfing, watching nothing in particular, while I'm doing my bills, at the same time, listening to my music lesson on my iPhone - multitasking, Gosh! - I came across this remarkable documentary, and it's just what I need to see and hear right now.

Perfect timing! Let me watch now. This time, I'm watching the whole show.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Quiet Time


That's how my group TM went tonight - All sooooo deep...

Wow, that hadn't happened for a long long time. All my stresses totally
evaporated, I was so deep coming out of TM I just let myself stay there even when the lecture on Maharishi Yoga started. In fact, I was never totally out on the surface. My experience was utterly profound.

Even now at home, I feel the same, huge and expansive from within, and I want to take that state to bed now for a much deeper rest and sleep.  

Goodnight for now...

Before I go, thought I'd tell you I got my copy of the book, Maharishi's Yoga - Great book!


Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Great Day Today

Norman & I, finally, went to see the exhibition on Yoga: The Art of Transformation at the Asian Art MuseumFascinating! And quite motivating for me to get back to yoga. Remember my story the other day about the sequence of events leading towards my doing yoga again? This is all connected, I tell ya! I just marvel at how Nature works!

And what a find on the 2nd and 3rd floors on different Buddhas - Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and other artworks on Oriental cultures, religions, and so on! The main show is Yoga, Feb. 21- May 25, 2014, on the 1st floor, but since we don't often go to the museum, we decided to go upstairs and see the rest of the galleries. Spectacular!

One thing I discovered, though. There are so many Buddhas... only one Jesus!! I'm Catholic, but I'm fascinated with Buddhism, Hinduism, and other religions. I'm open to all. There are many paths to One God.  But what a revelation about the reality of Jesus, huh - He, sure, is mighty!


Sunday, May 18, 2014

Another Nice Day... In a Different Way

I was reading my Little White Book this morning and found out that today is the feast day of Infant Jesus of Prague. Last week or so, I took home a novena prayer card in his honor from church, along with the usual Sunday bulletin and other flyers, like what every typical Catholic does on Sundays. We collect them, read them, then throw them away. Well, today I saw the prayer card on the coffee table. Both had a short history of the Infant Jesus of Prague and I got to read it twice on the same day, on his feast day! It may mean nothing, really, just pure coincidence, but is it, really? 

Remember what I always said when a thing or a situation or the like repeats itself? First time, it maybe unevenful. But when it happens again, it's telling us something, and we don't want to miss on anything it might represent, big or small. Remember, God whispers.

I decided to do a 9-hour novena which I haven't done for ages. I mean, seriously, ages, eons!! No particular intention, no specific desire, nothing. Just thought to "call", wow, someone I haven't "talked" to for a long long time. But as I kept doing it every hour for 9 hours, it was like chatting with an old friend - our relationship rekindled! And the day kept turning to be more and more fun.

I treated myself to Sunday lunch at the Dragon Well, bought a cozy throw from Warm Things for Norman. I also bought flowers, remembering later it was my parents' wedding anniversary, May 18.

Nothing seemingly significant. Yet it was another nice day, but in a different sense. The other day, things were happening and I was involved. Today, something different happened and I was a witness. TIME happened, or should I say, something happened to time. It went timeless... It didn't go fast like when "time flies when you're having fun". It wasn't slow, either, that you'd get bored. Time went by timelessly. Spontaneous, it simply flowed. Timeless, it was... is.

Time was Is.

Another nice day, indeed!

Talk About... Eating Out, Celebrating, Etc.!

No other people on earth love to have fun, love to eat, and love to laugh, more than Filipinos. Any excuse, or even no excuse, to celebrate!

After a long, hard day at work, what do we do? We treat ourselves out - get a drink or two, eat out, buy something, and on and on and on, for whatever reason -
Day's over!
It's past Monday!
Middle of the week!
It's almost Friday!

And weekends?
Well... Everybody's out to have fun, anyway.

Living life, celebrating life, Filipino style - LOVE IT!!

Friday, May 9, 2014

Nice Day Today

I went to the gym to do yoga - again! Yes, again. I've been irregular, undisciplined, more appropriately, about going to the gym. So this is a fresh new start - again! That's Big deal for me! Subsequently, I treated myself at Eliza's for lunch after that. I thought I deserved a treat. It's also my brother Mike's birthday, so kind of a double celebration... any excuse to eat out and celebrate!

Also, a new TM Center opened in San Francisco and today was the first TM-Sidhi group program. I saw an email about it just in the nick of time. I had less than an hour to make it to the program, if  I could make it at all. I was in the middle of running errands so I wasn't sure. But, gosh, I wanted it so bad! I haven't done TM with a group for years. By the same token, I had to finish all my tasks for the day. 

I must have Nature's support, in TM jargon, as the new center is so close to home. How serendipitous is that! I made it in plenty of time.

Really, all these falling into place. First, I saw an ad on-line about a new book, Maharishi's Yoga, recently. Then, the gym and yoga. Then, the new TM Center. Also, there's an exhibition called the YOGA: The Art of Transformation at the Asian Art Museum going on right now since February.
I've actually heard about it before, but it only clicked last week when my cousin called me to tell me about it. And not just that. I was reviewing my blogs the other day, and what did I find? Someone checked out an old post of mine in my first blog, Music and Musings, about, what else, but Yoga! All these sequence of events happening within this last week or so!!

Maharishi calls it Infinite Coherence. And when that happens, things just perfectly fit into everything else that's happening. Everything is effortless, it's unbelievable!

Nice day, nice day, indeed!!

Monday, May 5, 2014

Where's WIFI 'Round Here?!

I've been here in Manila for 3 weeks now and I thought I'd catch up with my blog but to my dismay, it's not easy getting wifi around here. Darn! Been to my family's homes, at the Shang, the Fort, Starbucks, restaurants, etc., and thought everybody would have access to the Internet but, it's either there's no wifi or access is too slow, it's frustrating. You can just forget about it. Really, forget it. Simply, forget!

So back to the old-fashioned way - making drafts, taking down notes.

So where do I begin?

I left SFO March 3 and arrived MNL  March 5. First day of my arrival is always a rest/sleep day whether I can sleep or not.

March 6, Loudette's Surprise 40th Brthday Party! 
Loudette is one of my favorite people in the world. She's my niece. Of course, blood is thicker than ketchup, but that's not why she's a favorite of mine. A classy lady, true fashionista, super jetsetter, a great wife, remarkable mother, she's an all-together woman. I' m so proud of her, that's why I always time my trip to MNL on or before her birthday and, of course, my mother's birthday on March 9. 

March 9, Mother's 98!

March 27, HOT HOT HOT  TODAY!!! 
Excruciatingly hot! How many times I've taken showers! I can't accomplish anything, can't sleep either - Nothing! There's a book called "The Art of Doing Nothing" but in this case, it's not an art, it's a waste of time and energy.

March 28 Malaysian Airlines Flight 370

Unbelievable! Whatever happened to it? Where is it? It's now 20 days since the plane disappeared and there's still no trace of its whereabouts. So many theories - mechanical problems, pilots, human errors, hijacking, terrorism- but until discovered, MH Fl 370 remains a mystery!

Thursday, May 1, 2014

And Talk More About... "Powers that Be!"

When I was working at Maharishi Ayurvedic Health Center in  L.A. many years ago, I had the pleasure to work with Judy Booth who in the 70s became very close to Maharishi, like a personal secretary or the like, I don't remember exactly what her position was. Nevertheless, she was one of those privileged to know Maharishi up close and personal. And I was blessed to work with her. Later, she moved back to Iowa from California.

One day, I called up Iowa for something and Judy answered. And when she found out it was me on the other line, she was very happy and she told me something I will never forget, especially coming from her, She said, "Oh, Socorro, I dreamt of you last night that there are 'higher beings' who are watching you, and you're being tested, and each time they test you, you pass. One day, you will have all your desires."

Wow! That's what I said, literally. Coming from Judy, my God, that's incredible! What's more, she said she had just happened to come to the health center that day that moment for something and the phone rang and everybody else was busy and since she was right by the phone, she answered! It's as if, again, "THE POWERS THAT BE" sent her there at the exact moment I called for her to answer the phone and relay the message. How serendipitous is that! It's more than just that. Maharishi calls it "Infinite Coherence", I believe. "Divine Convergence", something, same thing?!

... And I'll have all my desires come true?! I believe, and more than that... I know.


Talk About... Lost and Found

About 2 years ago, I lost my jewelry. Now that was an ordinary incident. I know, 'cause I knew I had misplaced it somewhere, even to the extent of fearing the worst - that I had thrown it in the trash! God, was I guilty, regretful, sad, depressed! To think that those diamonds were not just prized valuables, but more than that, they were my Mom's and she gave them to me! I remember calling home in MNL to tell them to pray that I'll find them. Nandy, my brother, told me to pray to St. Anthony, the patron saint for lost things. "Except that", he said, "there's a church south of MNL named after him, and his statue was stolen and it hasn't been found yet."

There goes my jewelry...

A year later, I found it in my hand carry bag I brought with me to MNL for the first time a year before that. Instantly, I remembered that I had put it there. So that was nothing out of the ordinary, typically, a "human experience". But this incident of my eyeglasses and Norman's keys making a disappearing act is not at all ordinary. They plainly disappeared, almost like right in front of our very eyes! A"spiritual experience" of some kind?! As I said, there seems to be "other beings" involved here.

I believe. And Norman does, too. They're with us and they watch us. I think they tease or test us playfully, though. Norman thinks so, too. They're good spirits, though. We like them. They must like us, too.

Do you believe in them - Spirits, etc.?

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Lost and Found!


I found my old pair of glasses!! Or should I say it showed up this morning. In my cupboard - Believe it or not! I really thought I had lost it, but I was stacking my cabinet with Ayurvedic herbal teas, Amrit Kalash, etc., when voila... There they were!!
There's more to it than that...

When I lost my eyeglasses about 2-3 weeks ago, somehow, it felt strange! It felt unusual that it wasn't where I put it - on the coffee table. I remember stooping down to put them there, and they weren 't there! Yes, I've misplaced my eyeglasses so many times before. And yes, it's difficult when you lose them 'cause they're exactly what you need when you're looking for something. Right. I know. And, usually, when I misplace something and then find it later in a different place, I'd remember what I had done that my stuff landed someplace else. This time, I knew I.didn't.put.them.there! So I don't know how my glasses got there! It felt different, strange, as I said. I remember that as soon as I realized my eyeglasses were not on the table, immediately, I traced back every step along the way - where I went, what I did, what time, how long it took from point A to B, and so on and on... And it couldn't have been where I found them today - inside one of the cabinets!

Again, there's more to it than that...

Norman lost his house keys in the house several months ago - almost instantly, too! He was coming up the stairs and as soon as he got upstairs, he lost them! His keys disappeared?! How'd that happen?! In a flash, his keys were gone! He could not have lost them outside. He used the keys to get inside the house! So from the door, then going upstairs, how long does it take to go upstairs, his keys disappeared?!

That was the same experience with my eyeglasses - instantly very unusual, very out of the ordinary! Not the usual pause and reflect, "Where'd I put them?"

It was a totally different feeling. I had just come home from church, went to the living room, took my eyeglasses off and put them on the coffee table, removed my jacket and put it on the hallway, went to the kitchen and put down my stuff I bought at Walgreens, went back to the living room, turned the TV on, then reached for my glasses to finally watch TV, and they were gone?! The whole sequence didn't take long. No, I didn't drop them somewhere else. They just disappeared - from the coffee table! I checked for my keys, cell phone, in case it was them that I put on the table instead of my glasses. Nope, they weren't there. I know it was my glasses I bent over to put down on the table. Unbelievable! As soon as I realized they were not there, my next step was to look for them inside my jacket pocket. I checked the stairs again just in case they fell from my pocket. They weren't there, either. So I traced back my steps from my Sunday mass to Walgreens to home. I couldn't have possibly lost them outside the house since I was wearing them coming home, going up the stairs, then putting them down on the coffee table.

Somehow, both Norman and I felt the same way about the incidents - perhaps, there are Spirits "playing" with us in the house?? Hmmmm... Who knows. He has had the same experience before somewhere else. Hopefully, whoever, whatever they are, they're good, happy ones!

I found my eyeglasses in a most unlikely place at home. And when I found them, it was as if they were finally placed there by the "Powers that be" for me to see.

I can't believe I found them! Of course, they're old now 'cause I've just gotten a new pair.

How cool is that!!

Maybe, I really needed a new one. If I had found my old pair earlier, I probably would not have bothered to get a new prescription which I really need now. Must be Nature's way to delay things to get me a new one first! It was almost 3 weeks that I had lost them.

Norman have yet to see his keys reappear. Hope the Spirits give them back.

Have you ever had experiences like that, things you simply can't explain?

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Talk About... Saints

Recently, I got a St. Anthony prayer card in the mail, and also found 2 small St. Pio stampitas at home. I forgot who gave them to me, but just having them in my possession at the same time and in connection with Pope John Paul's canonization, it's all so significant! And together with my souvenirs of St. Marie Eugenie of Jesus given to me by my friends who attended her canonization in Rome by Pope John Paul himself - these are all my favorite saints! And now, they're all in my devotion at the same time! Before, I would just pray every now and then, here and there, to one saint or another, but now, I have them all "in my company." 

Divine Convergence, is it Praise the Lord.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

News of the Day


Two popes will be canonized at the Vatican in Rome tomorrow, April 27th, 2014. For us, Catholics, we can't be more proud. We can't ask for more. How magnificent this day is! How miraculous!!


For my desires, prayers, wishes, dear God, you know more, above and beyond what I love, what I need, what I want for one and all in the family and the world and the whole universe! Through the most powerful intercessions of our new beloved saints, POPE JOHN XXIII and POPE JOHN PAUL now, and together with our Most Beloved Mother Mary, I totally surrender. As Saint John Paul says, "Be not afraid," my prayers are granted.


Friday, April 11, 2014

"Quote for the Day"

"It's okay not to be okay." - Adrienne Haslet-Davis, a professional dancer whose foot was amputated after the Boston Marathon bombings. Now she's going back to dancing again with a prosthetic foot.

AMAZING!!   Some people can really inspire.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

"Ping Starts Here"

I dreamt last night that the search for Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 is finally heading towards the right direction. I saw the words, PING STARTS HERE, etched on what looked like a small, flat wooden cross, similar to that which you would see on a remote or made-up burial site. The cross was slowly and smoothly, gently and quietly going down the bottom of the ocean where the current search is going on, and settled on the ocean floor. There were not so many stones or rocks that I saw in the beginning, just one or so. Then one, not very big, thin-looking "slab", or even thinner, like that of a road sign, perfectly shaped triangle, was pointing straight up. There were other rocks, rounded bedrocks that I saw later in front of the triangle-shaped rock. There might have been other pointed uneven rocks, but nothing as perfect as the triangle. It simply stood out. There didn't seem to be so many plants, either. Finally, I saw something small, reddish in color, delicate-looking, to the right, perhaps, a flower?!

Whatever all these mean, Lord God, please, just let them find the missing plane now wherever, however.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

A Change in News!

On cable TV today, ABC News at 9 on KOFY, to my surprise, the news were all good! Not the usual network tv news, not the usual bad news we're ever so used to hear! I got tired of the "Mystery of MH Fl 370", Ukraine Crisis and so on, so I decided to go to a cable channel and check what else was on. I tell you, I was really pleased with the news stories, like the young Caucasian woman, a waitress, who had been through so many adversities in life, but she was simply a good, honest, hard-working person, and somehow, by word of mouth, she became known in her town. One day, 2 people went to the restaurant she worked at and ate there pretending they were separate customers but the whole thing was set up. The whole scenario was taken by a hidden camera she didn't know about except by the restaurant's owners. She went about her usual business. After dinner, the guy gave her a $1000.00 tip. Next, the lady put a car key on the tip plate. The waitress couldn't believe what she saw. She thought there was a mistake, so she returned them to the customers and each one told her it was hers. She didn't understand, of course. The lady then brought her outside the restaurant, and in fromt, there was a brand new car with a huge ribbon, a genuine gift, waiting for the waitress! She must really be exceptionally good, so very special, as to attract attention like that, and be openly rewarded like that! Now that's good news!

Another one was that of a young black guy who applied to all the Ivy League schools for college. "A crazy idea!" he thought. Perhaps, but... he was an absolutely exceptional, outstanding student in high school. So... he tried all the top schools. And... all the Ivy League schools, ALL the best schools in the country, accepted him. Yes! ALL THE IVY LEAGUE SCHOOLS ACCEPTED HIM!! Now he has to make a decision, a hard one at that, which school to choose. His parents migrated from Ghana to New York and both studied to become nurses. Now he wants to become a medical doctor. How about that... Great story!

Also, there was the cast of  the musical, "The Lion King" going to Australia to do shows there and while waiting for their plane to take off, they decided to sing their songs, entertaining the other passengers on the plane. What fun!

The whole hour was all about good news, all positive.

What a relief! We thrive so much on the negative, isn't it time to focus on the positive? Even if it's just a local story, the ripple effect of that is tremendous. Remembering what Dai Lama said, paraphrasing, "if every 5-year old child, every 5-year old child in the world, were taught by his/her parents about COMPASSION, there will be world peace in the next generation."

The journey of a lifetime starts with the first step... One small step at a time...