Saturday, May 30, 2015

Remembering... Peter, Paul and Mary

I'm watching 50 Years of Peter, Paul, and Mary on tv KRCB right now. Songs include 500 Miles, Puff, the Magic Dragon, If I Had a Hammer, Blowing in the Wind, also, Where Have All the Flowers  Gone.


When I was in MNL last March, one of the stories Nandy told us about was that he and another brother, Mike, and I were singing Peter, Paul, and Mary when we were young. I didn't remember that! Mike and I sang together a lot and we sounded good, but with Nandy, I just couldn't remember. Not that he wasn't good. No, not that. Music is in our blood, it's in the family, but why don't I have memories of that?! Oh, well...

Anyway, Nandy said there was one song that was really touching that talked about war, Vietnam war, I'm sure. I wonder which among their popular songs was it.

Do you remember?

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Talk More About... Sleepless

Yup, sleepless... then turning sleepy, hopefully... and finally, asleep, which is really a hit or miss for most of us, I found some interesting topics which I hope can help us -
THE BREATHING TRICK THAT PUTS YOU TO SLEEP IN SECONDS (ThisI've been looking for yearsss... Unbelievable!)

Let me know what you think, I'm curious.

Sunday, May 10, 2015


We're all so caught up in our world of mothers on Mother's Day we forget about you. Please forget the troubles of the world even for a day. Today is your day. Be happy.



To all mothers of the world... 
... Most especially, to the most beautiful, the greatest mother of all, MY MOTHER!!


Sunday, May 3, 2015

News of the Day

Sr. Adolfine Tonnies, the cofounder and first superior general of the Holy Spirit Adoration Sisters (Pink Sisters), is now a candidate for beatification. She received the religious name, Mary Michael, from our founder, St. Arnold Janssen, SVD. She remained in the Lord in the cloister, but she also founded new adoration convents in Germany, the Netherlands, the United States, China and the Philippines. Today there are about 350 Adoration Sisters, living in 22 convents in various parts of the world, constantly in adoration and remaining with our Risen Lord in the Blessed Sacrament.

That's great news. I remember when I used to go to the Chapel of the Holy Spirit Adoration Sisters, or Pink Sisters as they were called, in Baguio or in Quezon City with family and or friends. The Pink Sisters were the contemplative part of my alma mater, College of the Holy Spirit. And growing up in a private Catholic school with nuns, it was simply natural to have a close connection with the nuns. And when I saw the Pink Sisters (because they wore pink habits) in Baguio for the first time, cloistered but not quite unseen, just separated by a gate inside the chapel, from outsiders, I was in awe! They looked so pure and beautiful! And they didn't just look happy, they were in bliss.

I wanted to be like them... but, alas, I wasn't deserving. I was just not as pure and beautiful as them. So the closest I could get to them was to go to Baguio up in the cold mountains as often as I could, wake up at 4 a.m. in freezing cold (that was a big sacrifice but I'd do it just to see them!) to get ready for the 6 a.m. mass, to be close to them as humanly possible as I could, as hundred others did the same thing, to watch them as they did their morning procession to the chapel, and hear their beautiful angelic voices as they sang their devotional prayers...

Aah, I can still hear their voices... Thank you, Sister Adolfine Tonnies, for co-founding the Pink Sisters with now Saint Arnold Janssen. I will pray for your sainthood through the most powerful intercession of the Holy Spirit. Amen. 

Praise the Lord.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Oh, No, It's Not Paquiao!

Floyd Mayweather wins!

The cat predicted Paquiao was gonna win! Now wait a minute, I didn't jinx that! Look at the last picture. The cat ate the treats on Mayweather's photo last. It's not over till it's over. Last picture wins!


Paquiao - Mayweather Fight

Never thought this Paquiao - Mayweather Fight tonight was going to be a big deal! I was never a Paquiao fan but when I was in Manila last March, people were crazy about him already and the fight wasn't till 2 mos. later. Everybody was buying Manny Paquiao merchandise - Tshirts, caps, tote bags and on and on... My family wanted to give me and Norman shirts and I wasn't interested until I saw one  myself that I really liked. Look it, I'm wearing it today to show Filipino solidarity for Manny!

Go for it, Paquiao, and win it! The way we, Filipinos, pray, unless God gets bored with the fight and falls asleep tonight, you should win!

Hey, check this cat who predicts who is gonna win tonight's fight! Hope I don't jinx it.