Thursday, January 30, 2014

Miracles Happen Everyday

... And we either witness them or we miss them.

As soon as I woke up and got up from bed today, I turned on my cell phone and there was a message from my nephew, Chris, that he got a job offer, just a week after his interview last week. He had just moved here about 2 weeks ago from L.A. - Amazing!

Then I listened to my voicemail messages and got good news about my annual check up lab results - all normal - How great is that!

Sometimes we go thru our everyday lives with the same routines, random things, that we overlook moments of grace and see them as insignificant, coincidental, etc. But there are no coincidences, no accidents in life. Everything happens for a reason. But when they're so small we take them for granted. We tend to wait for the big things to happen, meanwhile, sometimes complaining that life is dull, boring, nothing's changed, and so on and on... But miracles happen every day. Big or small, they're miracles. And when we miss out on them, we miss the tapestry of life itself. It's God shining through us. How can we miss that? How can we miss God smiling at us?

Miracles happen every day... Let's not miss out on them.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

... And Capturing Again!

Fresh and clean!
(Where'd that other lady go on laundry day? Or did she do the laundry?!)

Capturing the Moment

Laundry Day!

Sunday, January 19, 2014



SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS LOST!! Damn it! I expected them to win. I knew they were going to win... AND THEY LOST!!!

I saw a vision, or whatever you call it, that the SF 49ERS were going to win this year's Super Bowl! I see colors, actually, flashes of colors. Usually in the past, many many years ago, when the SF 49ERS were a dynasty, I would see colors of teams that would go to the Super Bowl. Sometimes, I would see one helmet or 2 reaching the Super Bowl. Sometimes, I'd know who would win ahead of time. Other times, I wouldn't. If the 49ers were not in it, I wasn't interested, so I didn't care who'd win, who won, or if my predictions were right or wrong. But if the 49ers were in it, and, of course, they always won, I was always right! 

That was during the 49ERS Dynasty... And that's been longggggg gone! 

... Until last year when Colin Kaepernick took over and took NFL by storm! Nobody knew him. Nobody heard of him. Then all of a sudden, the SF 49ERS were alive again! Of course, it started 2 years ago when Jim Harbaugh became the new coach and brought the team to the NFC Championship twice, winning last year's and getting to the Super Bowl with Kaepernick.

So this year, there was new life, new hope, for the San Francisco 49ERS... with the new starting quarterback Kaepernick! And this year, too, before the NFL began, I saw colors again. But this time, I didn't just see different colors, different teams. I didn't even see 2 colors nor 2 teams. I saw only one color, and not just one color, I saw only one flag (or do you call that banner?), and not only 1 flag, I saw only 1 team - Red & 49ERS!

I knew they were going to win this year's SUPER BOWL. Yes, sometimes I had doubts when they'd lose 2 in a row, and many started doubting Kaepernick, while the Kansas City CHIEFS kept winning with former 49er, Alex Smith, and people started comparing the 2, even raging about letting Smith go! And since the CHIEFS were also red, I started to think that maybe, it was the KC CHIEFS who would win the Super Bowl. But then, they'd come back with 5 wins in a row, too. Then I'll remember that it was a Red & 49ER Flag that I saw and would see time and time again after. And so be it, 49ERS for sure! And...when the CHIEFS were eliminated in the Wild Card, of course, the 49ERS were the only red team left in the Wild Card/Playoffs. Not only that, when they were down to the remaining 4 teams left, it was the teams' flags that would be shown on TV and that's the 49ER flag I saw in my vision!

Whenever I have visions, preminitions, etc., the most important thing about them is what I experience at the moment. In the case of the 49ERS, for example, I didn't feel anything. It was beyond it. I just knew it. I didn't always know in the beginning how they'd do it since they were so inconsistent sometimes that you wondered if Kaepernick was really good or not. Yet, at the same time, I simply knew. As the games advanced in the playoffs, I knew they'd win each game. And they did!

... UNTIL the morning of the NFC Championship Game against Seattle SEAHAWKS. My feelings changed... YUP! MY FEELINGS ABOUT THE OUTCOME CHANGED!! And when things like that happens, when fear, anxiety, or anything bad creeps in, no matter how I fight or deny it, something's gotta give! And this morning, something told me, "The SEAHAWKS can win this."

When I first saw QB Russell Wilson being interviewed in preparation for the week's NFC, he was wearing a red T-shirt, which is not his team's color - Ummm, I didn't like that. It felt ominous. I didn't like it at all. There was something about him that told me that his team "can" win. To tell you the truth, I liked his demeanor! I don't like the SEAHAWKS, naturally, but there was just this quiet confidence in him that "knows" he can bring his team to victory. I tried to fight the feeling and, somehow, I managed. I overcame.

RIGHT... Well, game is over! DAMN, DAMN!! For a moment there, I thought the 49ERS would prevail. When Kaepernick threw the ball to Michael Crabtree, I thought that must be the winning throw, and as the ball flew, I thought that is going to be the winning catch...

But, oh, Kaepernick, my Kaepernick, what did you do?! You had plenty of time left. You didn't have to rush. You shouldn't have. What a terrible mistake! Forget the turnover and the fumble before that. There was plenty of time. Damn it!!!

The NFC Championship game was truly exciting! It was anybody's game, especially with a toss-up between my knowing 49ERS will win vs. my feeling SEAHAWKS can win!

The city of San Francisco was quiet tonight...

Monday, January 13, 2014

When Nature Beckons...

I woke up this morning not feeling good. Body aching, I wasn't sure if I was coming down with the flu, God forbid, and what a serious flu season this is, too. First of all, my right arm has been aching almost a week now, muscles, it feels like. At first, I thought I must've strained myself at the gym. But this morning, I just didn't feel good. Period. And with overwhelming stress at work, (such a toxic environment!), nothing felt right. I just wanted to lie down and rest, but it was so cold inside the house I had to go out for a walk. I figured the sun would warm me up and I'd feel better. So I decided to go to Japan Center, walked around the Peace Plaza, and guess what got my attention - a window display from a small bookstore.

Nature simply has a way of calling us. Surely, God works in mysterious ways. I went inside and simply enjoyed the quiet ambiance, the wisdom with all its spiritual, esoteric, inspirational books. I ended up buying Dalai Lama's, The Art of Happiness, and Lao Tzu's Tao Teh Ching. I had a nice chat with the store manager. Telling her what I was feeling before seeing the store, I said that no matter how we struggle in life, things always fall into place. And guess what she said,"That's exactly what the Tao says," pointing at the book I was just about to put on the cashier's desk... I felt better immediately.

Nature nurtures. When it beckons us, we just know. It fills us up naturally... with Love!

Sunday, January 5, 2014


I have a clock similar to this, very auspicious, I say, to start the year!
The horse, one of my favorite animals, will bring me good luck this year and ahead!   Looking forward to it!



Saturday, January 4, 2014

NFL Playoffs Begin!

 A Wild Wild Card Playoff today between KC Chiefs & Indianapolis Colts! As happy as I am that the Chiefs are out and home team Colts won, kudos to Alex Smith! He was great! With injuries happening one after another today, Smith just kept going, scoring, he just never gave up!

But by the same token, Andrew Luck was stunning! Colts were expected to win to begin with having home-field advantage, but the Chiefs gave them a scare. It didn't happen for the Philadelphia Eagles. New Orleans Saints won in another close game.

I'm always for home team victories when I'm not rooting for anybody. However, the SF 49ERS is My team! Wherever they are, they have to win!

Tomorrow, 49ers go to Green Bay! Now, they've gotta win! That's all I care about!