Tuesday, February 19, 2013


It's meeeeee! I know it's been a while. No, I haven't abandoned you, my dear friends. On the contrary, I miss you all. I miss my blog and I miss blogging!  It's just that I'm on the other side of the globe, here in the Philippines. It's been hectic, starting with my alma mater's, College of the Holy Spirit, Centennial Celebration last Feb. 2-3 at schoolgrounds and the SMX Convention Center, respectively. Giving back to my alma mater, I'm very proud and  humbled to be one of the top 100 alumna awardees. 

Then comes the 2013 Philippine International Jazz Festival this Feb.26 on the Solo Piano Night at the Ayala Museum in Makati with Tim Lyddon and Grammy-nominated, Eldar Djangirov. Just to perform with these guys is quite an honor! I'm still looking for a piano that's in tune to even practice on. The piano at my Mom's has been off-tune and practically broken and so is at my brother, Tony's. But he said he'd have it tuned for me to be able to practice on. Thanks, bro. Tony is really such a thoughtful brother, very proud of him.

Then, of course, comes my Mother's 97th birthday on March 9! Awesome! This is really why I come home every year for her birthday and family. Right now, I'm not with her though as one of the household help has chicken pox, in fact, 2 households are down with chicken pox, so I'm staying at Tony's.

Also, I'm still awaiting words about our school's possible pilgrimage to the Holy Land. Nothing is sure yet due to the situation in Israel-Palestine situation. 

Will keep you posted... Take care. Miss ya'll.