Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Remembering... Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

I love love and respect Maharishi a lot and am so grateful that I learned TM. As I've always said, it's the best gift I've given myself, the best health insurance I got, along with Ayurveda, the greatest investment I've done in life! My greatest achievement! The others are a bonus. So proud!

Simply put, Maharishi is beyond words. The best way to describe him is by his own words.

And TM, (Transcendental Meditation), which he founded, is one story I love to share and share more. Here's one about celebrities redefining success thru TM. ENJOY!

Jai Guru Dev.


But isn't the Absolute already perfect that we no longer need to seek it? Or did he mean that we don't need to desire for it? It already is.

Okay, I got it.

Maharishi Says,

"We don't seek perfection in the relative. It does not exist. Instead, seek perfection inside, in the absolute, in that unbounded field of pure consciousness which can be located at the source of thought within." 

Tuesday, August 6, 2013


Off today, so I thought I could catch up with paperwork, (endless!), music, and a thousand other things! I ended up house-cleaning, part of the house, anyway. Started with just my shelf in the bathroom, and I saw a lot of  old stuff I haven't used for a long time, so out they went! Then I found myself using a 2-step ladder to get to the upper shelves, and the cleaning... Began! Things have been dusty for months because of construction going on downstairs (terrible!). Next thing I knew I was doing the kitchen then the back room. Just went on and on, and before I knew it, the day was over.

Night time came and I did some blogging but spent more time catching up with old posts, editing those on yagyas to link to my recent posts, and other related topics like TM & Maharishi, and while on the pages, I saw other posts not related that needed some freshening up. Yes, I got sidetracked, and sidetracked more... and more, leading nowhere. Never got to writing new ones, except this and it's blah! No story at all!

Did a lot today but accomplished nothing - Wasted time!

But was it, really? Things happen for a reason, yeah, yeah, like, what reasons? Can you give me some? I had better things to do, you know. Well, life happens, and when we look back, whatever happened happened. It's DONE!! Nothing we can do about it! Whether we regret or not, it's FINISHED! 

Move on...

Monday, August 5, 2013

Looking Back...

Sure was a busy birthday weekend for me filled with life, love, health, peace, joy and music - everything my little heart desires!

I am full and fulfilled... Praise the Lord.

Talk About... Perfect Health and Long Life

After that Health and Long Life yagyas for Norman and me, look what I found!

Norman and I are into fruit and veggie smoothies, and I tell you, they're the best. We've always done fresh fruit smoothies before, Norman does 'em, but I really got into these veggie thing just recently and now it's been a part of our diet. The veggies I make 'em. And it's been fun doing it! I look forward to doing it when I wake up! It's great!

Did you read the article? Great, huh, and for Norman and I living right here in the bay, how 'bout that! Coincidence?! No, I take it as a good sign, very motivating, very inspiring. Keeps you going, you know.