Tuesday, July 23, 2013

... And from Overseas

While I was enjoying a whole birthday weekend with friends and family here at home,
somewhere in India, a birthday yagya was being performed for me. Isn't that special!

To Life, Love, and Music...

And a Perfect Health and Long Life yagya for me and Norman! Look at our pictures. How precious is that!

... And to Perfect Health and Long Life, indeed!


A Beautiful Friendship

Only a beautiful friendship such as this, with high school classmates, some from grade school to college, can make beautiful things happen, such as this birthday weekend!
Partying from preps...
to the real thing - eating & drinking!

with special guests!
Party goes on from outside in!

What a day, what a birthday! The pictures tell it all! Words are never enough to describe that bonding, that kind of friendship we have. It's simply special.

Thank y'all... Love y'all.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

A Beautiful Birthday Weekend!

A hectic enjoyable birthday weekend with friends and family!
JERICHS SF reunion and July celebrants luncheon at Fort McKinley Restaurant
 and an afternoon tea at the Basilio's residence

Playing with 2 lovely dogs at Union Street on my birthday, one turned its back as soon as it saw the camera, and didn't move an inch after that!

  with my lovely high school classmates celebrating the July birthday celebrants!
Betelnut Birthday Sunday lunch with cousin, Bambi
Birthday Sunday light dinner with hubby at the Grove...
Capping off a hectic birthday weekend, casual and relaxed...
... Indeed, a beautiful birthday weekend! Happy and grateful, thank you, Lord!

P.S. No pictures on my birthday dinner itself at Pane e Vino?! In my excitement, I forgot to take pictures when Norman asked for a special cooked-to-order grilled prawns for me, (it wasn't in the menu!)... Superdelicious!

Now Wait a Minute!

I remember Maharishi says, "There is no perfection in the relative...", but isn't this picture I just shot of a girl playing in waters perfect?! The joy of the moment capturing the moment of joy! That's Perfect! It's life within life withinAnd it's in the relative!
Like the Knower knowing known... Seeker seeking sought... "Enjoyer" enjoying joy... 
Are all that just in the absolute? Absolutely, not!

No way!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Monday, July 15, 2013

Ain't it Refreshing!

With too much work to do in too little time for my upcoming concerts and cd projects, I still was able to listen and study my music while running errands - banking, Starbucks with my new gold card, (I get a gold now for my guiltiest pleasure in life!), church visit, La Boulange by accident, (took the wrong turn so I ended up getting my favorite French macaroons - I don't waste time, you know!), do my groceries, blogging and rest... and enjoy it all with leisure and pleasure.

Amazing how I did all these while doing my music, multi-tasking - "Life is always many values and activities at the same time!" - really, but all so calmly! Must be my day at sea yesterday - totally unfrayed my nerves. Everything I did today felt fresh and alive, every inch, every second of it, the way it should be.

And finally, Pane e Vino for fine dining with hubby - the icing on the cake!

Way to go!

Refreshing it is. Life is. And I'm feeling good, feeling good...

Time by the Bay

Just what I needed for relaxation and then some...

My friend, Maria or Beth, as she's called at work, invited me to her company's summer outing with a Horn Blower ride by Marina Berkeley yesterday, and as sleepless as I was the night before, overwhelmed by so many music projects up coming and too soon, I think, (I shouldn't complain, really!), I didn't want to miss the occasion. I love the seas, the wind, fresh air, and just being timeless in time... on planet earth, anyway.
And sure, enough, it's what I needed most to get my mind off so many things right now. And guess what, I thought we'd just go 'round the Berkeley Marina, but more, we were treated to a joyride to San Francisco Bay where dig this, the AMERICA'S CUP was going on! Just what I wanted to see live! OMG, that was special! With guide, Kevin Riley, right on the boat with us who was very knowledgeable about the race, he gave as a simultaneous account of what was going on - Whew! With all so many yachts, sailboats watching, ferry boats coming and going, to tell you the truth, I wouldn't even be able to spot which sailboats were in competition till Kevin would point to us - What a treat, I tell ya! Thanks, Kevin.
The food was delicious, they had games to entertain the staff, and a great DJ who could sing like the real artists whose music he played. Yea, you thought it was cds, records playing, but it was he singing to minus-ones. If you didn't look at him, you just thought it was a cd, but when he stopped singing, it was all instrumental! Amazing! I thought he was a Filipino 'cause you know that Filipinos are the greatest copy cats in the world. He's not, and that's how great he was! (What's his name?!)

Looking back, wow, what a treat, what a day! Thanks, Maria.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Ain't It Nice!

... When you can have time to yourself for a healthy snack, not feeling rushed nor stressed, knowing you still have to go to work?

Nice it is. Life is. And I'm feeling good, feeling good...

Ain't It Sweet!

... When after paying your bills for the month, you still have enough cash to treat yourself for fine dining, or nice clothing, and/or a spa, buy something special for a dear one, do something at the spur of the moment, anything your little heart desires!

Sweet it is. Life is. And I'm feeling good, feeling good...

Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Just imagine what life would be if everyday was seamless, huh!

Aaaaaaah.......... Amen to that!