Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Lost and Found!


I found my old pair of glasses!! Or should I say it showed up this morning. In my cupboard - Believe it or not! I really thought I had lost it, but I was stacking my cabinet with Ayurvedic herbal teas, Amrit Kalash, etc., when voila... There they were!!
There's more to it than that...

When I lost my eyeglasses about 2-3 weeks ago, somehow, it felt strange! It felt unusual that it wasn't where I put it - on the coffee table. I remember stooping down to put them there, and they weren 't there! Yes, I've misplaced my eyeglasses so many times before. And yes, it's difficult when you lose them 'cause they're exactly what you need when you're looking for something. Right. I know. And, usually, when I misplace something and then find it later in a different place, I'd remember what I had done that my stuff landed someplace else. This time, I knew I.didn't.put.them.there! So I don't know how my glasses got there! It felt different, strange, as I said. I remember that as soon as I realized my eyeglasses were not on the table, immediately, I traced back every step along the way - where I went, what I did, what time, how long it took from point A to B, and so on and on... And it couldn't have been where I found them today - inside one of the cabinets!

Again, there's more to it than that...

Norman lost his house keys in the house several months ago - almost instantly, too! He was coming up the stairs and as soon as he got upstairs, he lost them! His keys disappeared?! How'd that happen?! In a flash, his keys were gone! He could not have lost them outside. He used the keys to get inside the house! So from the door, then going upstairs, how long does it take to go upstairs, his keys disappeared?!

That was the same experience with my eyeglasses - instantly very unusual, very out of the ordinary! Not the usual pause and reflect, "Where'd I put them?"

It was a totally different feeling. I had just come home from church, went to the living room, took my eyeglasses off and put them on the coffee table, removed my jacket and put it on the hallway, went to the kitchen and put down my stuff I bought at Walgreens, went back to the living room, turned the TV on, then reached for my glasses to finally watch TV, and they were gone?! The whole sequence didn't take long. No, I didn't drop them somewhere else. They just disappeared - from the coffee table! I checked for my keys, cell phone, in case it was them that I put on the table instead of my glasses. Nope, they weren't there. I know it was my glasses I bent over to put down on the table. Unbelievable! As soon as I realized they were not there, my next step was to look for them inside my jacket pocket. I checked the stairs again just in case they fell from my pocket. They weren't there, either. So I traced back my steps from my Sunday mass to Walgreens to home. I couldn't have possibly lost them outside the house since I was wearing them coming home, going up the stairs, then putting them down on the coffee table.

Somehow, both Norman and I felt the same way about the incidents - perhaps, there are Spirits "playing" with us in the house?? Hmmmm... Who knows. He has had the same experience before somewhere else. Hopefully, whoever, whatever they are, they're good, happy ones!

I found my eyeglasses in a most unlikely place at home. And when I found them, it was as if they were finally placed there by the "Powers that be" for me to see.

I can't believe I found them! Of course, they're old now 'cause I've just gotten a new pair.

How cool is that!!

Maybe, I really needed a new one. If I had found my old pair earlier, I probably would not have bothered to get a new prescription which I really need now. Must be Nature's way to delay things to get me a new one first! It was almost 3 weeks that I had lost them.

Norman have yet to see his keys reappear. Hope the Spirits give them back.

Have you ever had experiences like that, things you simply can't explain?

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Talk About... Saints

Recently, I got a St. Anthony prayer card in the mail, and also found 2 small St. Pio stampitas at home. I forgot who gave them to me, but just having them in my possession at the same time and in connection with Pope John Paul's canonization, it's all so significant! And together with my souvenirs of St. Marie Eugenie of Jesus given to me by my friends who attended her canonization in Rome by Pope John Paul himself - these are all my favorite saints! And now, they're all in my devotion at the same time! Before, I would just pray every now and then, here and there, to one saint or another, but now, I have them all "in my company." 

Divine Convergence, is it Praise the Lord.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

News of the Day


Two popes will be canonized at the Vatican in Rome tomorrow, April 27th, 2014. For us, Catholics, we can't be more proud. We can't ask for more. How magnificent this day is! How miraculous!!


For my desires, prayers, wishes, dear God, you know more, above and beyond what I love, what I need, what I want for one and all in the family and the world and the whole universe! Through the most powerful intercessions of our new beloved saints, POPE JOHN XXIII and POPE JOHN PAUL now, and together with our Most Beloved Mother Mary, I totally surrender. As Saint John Paul says, "Be not afraid," my prayers are granted.


Friday, April 11, 2014

"Quote for the Day"

"It's okay not to be okay." - Adrienne Haslet-Davis, a professional dancer whose foot was amputated after the Boston Marathon bombings. Now she's going back to dancing again with a prosthetic foot.

AMAZING!!   Some people can really inspire.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

"Ping Starts Here"

I dreamt last night that the search for Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 is finally heading towards the right direction. I saw the words, PING STARTS HERE, etched on what looked like a small, flat wooden cross, similar to that which you would see on a remote or made-up burial site. The cross was slowly and smoothly, gently and quietly going down the bottom of the ocean where the current search is going on, and settled on the ocean floor. There were not so many stones or rocks that I saw in the beginning, just one or so. Then one, not very big, thin-looking "slab", or even thinner, like that of a road sign, perfectly shaped triangle, was pointing straight up. There were other rocks, rounded bedrocks that I saw later in front of the triangle-shaped rock. There might have been other pointed uneven rocks, but nothing as perfect as the triangle. It simply stood out. There didn't seem to be so many plants, either. Finally, I saw something small, reddish in color, delicate-looking, to the right, perhaps, a flower?!

Whatever all these mean, Lord God, please, just let them find the missing plane now wherever, however.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

A Change in News!

On cable TV today, ABC News at 9 on KOFY, to my surprise, the news were all good! Not the usual network tv news, not the usual bad news we're ever so used to hear! I got tired of the "Mystery of MH Fl 370", Ukraine Crisis and so on, so I decided to go to a cable channel and check what else was on. I tell you, I was really pleased with the news stories, like the young Caucasian woman, a waitress, who had been through so many adversities in life, but she was simply a good, honest, hard-working person, and somehow, by word of mouth, she became known in her town. One day, 2 people went to the restaurant she worked at and ate there pretending they were separate customers but the whole thing was set up. The whole scenario was taken by a hidden camera she didn't know about except by the restaurant's owners. She went about her usual business. After dinner, the guy gave her a $1000.00 tip. Next, the lady put a car key on the tip plate. The waitress couldn't believe what she saw. She thought there was a mistake, so she returned them to the customers and each one told her it was hers. She didn't understand, of course. The lady then brought her outside the restaurant, and in fromt, there was a brand new car with a huge ribbon, a genuine gift, waiting for the waitress! She must really be exceptionally good, so very special, as to attract attention like that, and be openly rewarded like that! Now that's good news!

Another one was that of a young black guy who applied to all the Ivy League schools for college. "A crazy idea!" he thought. Perhaps, but... he was an absolutely exceptional, outstanding student in high school. So... he tried all the top schools. And... all the Ivy League schools, ALL the best schools in the country, accepted him. Yes! ALL THE IVY LEAGUE SCHOOLS ACCEPTED HIM!! Now he has to make a decision, a hard one at that, which school to choose. His parents migrated from Ghana to New York and both studied to become nurses. Now he wants to become a medical doctor. How about that... Great story!

Also, there was the cast of  the musical, "The Lion King" going to Australia to do shows there and while waiting for their plane to take off, they decided to sing their songs, entertaining the other passengers on the plane. What fun!

The whole hour was all about good news, all positive.

What a relief! We thrive so much on the negative, isn't it time to focus on the positive? Even if it's just a local story, the ripple effect of that is tremendous. Remembering what Dai Lama said, paraphrasing, "if every 5-year old child, every 5-year old child in the world, were taught by his/her parents about COMPASSION, there will be world peace in the next generation."

The journey of a lifetime starts with the first step... One small step at a time...

Lesson for the Day

Recently on Animal Rescue on tv, I watched "retired" greyhounds who had been abandoned by their former owners as being too old for dog races, hence, they were useless. These dogs were eventually rescued by a group of greyhounds lovers. And this group just loved and adored them. They cleansed them, bathed then, brought them to veterinarians to bring them back to life. They took care of them until they were adopted by prospective homes. They described these dogs as calm, loving, with such simple consciousness. And they said something about them that really hit me, "They take life as it comes."

Isn't that wonderful? If they can do it, why can't we? But it's simply that - animals have simple consciousness. That's why life is simple for them. We, humans, have such a complex consciousness, that's why as simple as life is, we complicate it...