Monday, December 30, 2013

Colin Kaepernick

For a starter quarterback who was struggling in the beginning of this year's NFL, and who, many say, is still learning the game, yet, by the same token, won 12-4 in the regular season, bringing the 49ers team to the NFL playoffs, I would say Colin Kaepernick is very good. And he can only get  better. The NFL regular season is over and the 49ers finished really good! Playoffs start next week, 2014, and this is onto the next level. Colin has such great potential and hopefully, he will shine all the way to the finish, the big finish, The Big Finish!!!

I'm so tired of the comparisons people do between him and Alex Smith, although they have toned down a little, even died down. But you know, until they're either both in or out of the playoffs, people will not stop comparing the two. Both are good, so let them be! Alex got the experience but Colin has proven himself good and strong. He can hold his own. Surely, he can become one of NFL quarterback greats in the future, sooner or later. He will be, sooner than later.

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Sunday, December 29, 2013

49ers Live!

I'm watching SF 49ers vs. Arizona Cardinals right now! 49ers gotta gotta win this game!

4th quarter! Cardinals missed a field goal! Go Go Go, 49ers! Win it. WiN it!!

49ERS Won!!

Saturday, December 28, 2013

God Whispers...

Remember how I'd tell you every now and then how God speaks to us a million ways every day?

I was really pretty upset at work last night, outraged by issues of working holidays, full-time vs. per diem status, hectic schedules, short staff, plus the usual stress at work, and carried that anger at home, didn't get to sleep at all, F___K!$&#%^*=?!

Today, I got a voicemail from a cousin wishing me Holiday greetings and one of the things she said was, "Don't be too busy!" 

Then on a TV commercial just when I walked into the living room, a rapper says,"I CAME TO LIVE LIFE!"

There's God's little whispers to me, Nature's gentle reminders...

My sweet Lord!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013


What'd you do today?

Norman and I started with our X'mas morning gift exchange & openings with friend Bob at home, delightful, as always! Then we went to pick up Eve, my late mom-in-law's best friend, from the senior community in South San Francisco, then met with friends, Fred and Madeleine, not at the usual holiday lunch buffet in different hotels, but at Spiedo at the Peninsula for a change. We've been there before at past X'masses, and this year, we decided to go back for a more intimate celebration. Usually when we go to hotel buffets, we have more company. But this year, we  just thought to be more private. And, of course, it was very special. They're our closest friends so it's always very very special.

After that, we visited with Eve at her place for a little while to give her our personal gifts. It always feels that whenever we pick up Eve, it's like picking up Norman's Mom, too, 'cause they both lived there until Mom died in 2006.  But even up to now, it feels that way. Well, Mom is always with us in spirit.

We went back home to chill out and what did I do? I had a X'mas afternoon nap. Yeah, well-deserved, long overdue rest. That was deep... Aah, thank God. Thank my body, rather, my body and mind thanked me. After a drink of Martinelli and a little snack, Norman & I exchanged more gifts, little stuff, but always a joy to open.

And what do you think we did for the finale - night gardening! Yup. Norman saw one plant that was really bad, several of them, actually, almost dying, gosh!, and he couldn't wait any longer. So at a snap, we decided to re-pot 2 plants at the deck. It's the beginning of a long process of reviving our plants, a plant journey, we call it, but, at least, we started it!

We did a lot today, we're happy, now it's time to go to bed...

Goodnight... Merry Christmas... zzzzz....

Christmas Eve

I went to a vigil mass and this has never been more special. I remembered my trip to Holy Land I made last March, particularly Bethlehem at this time. And with traditional Christmas songs being sang by the church choral group, like Away in a MangerO Little Town of Bethlehem, Silent Night, and Oh, Holy Night, Christmas has taken on a deeper meaning, and my eyes just welled up. 

It was deeper than that. It all began when Norman told me that our friend Annie was going to midnight mass! 

"Midnight Mass"... The last time I ever did that was when I lived in Boston in the late 70s. I was quite regular with my Sunday masses and holy days of obligation. Growing up Catholic, I was religious. It was a family ritual to go to Sunday masses and the like. To miss them was a mortal sin. Grievous! You could go to hell forever for that! Such was my fear of God, guilt, remorse, that the only way to be saved was to go to confession to be cleansed and start all over again...

Fast forward to now... not anymore. I would miss Sunday masses, etc., every now and then but, no, I don't have those guilt feelings anymore. My connection with God is more personal now, more spiritual than plainly religious. No more mortal sins for me for not going to church on Sundays and holy days. I go because it's a special occasion, a big celebration, more than an obligation to go.

I couldn't do the midnight mass so I attended the vigil. And what a profound experience it was, as if God brought me there to re-live my experience of Bethlehem and Nazareth. From where the Annunciation took place, to where Mary visited her cousin Elizabeth, the place of the Nativity, the temple where Jesus was presented then taught - the whole Joyful mysteries of the rosary! The caves where the shepherds saw the bright light from a far far distance that led them to where Jesus was born... To think that the only means they traveled 2000 years ago were walking and riding on donkeys!

My co-pilgrims and I celebrated mass in one of the caves last March and, you know what, we sang Christmas songs, traditional Christmas songs, the songs we sang tonight at the vigil mass. That's why I had tears in my eyes. I forgot all about my trip until I went to church tonight. I asked God to "speak to me for I am listening" like I did when we were in Galilee, and it was the music that spoke to me in silence tonight... 

We finished the mass with O Come, All Ye Faithful. Yes, I was there in Bethlehem. I went... I came.

How blessed I am to have made that pilgrimage! How blessed I was to feel the experience live again tonight!

It's as if God called me, sent me a personal invitation, gave me this special gift to share Christmas with me especially following my trip to the Holy Land this year. I couldn't have asked for more. Nothing I want more than to feel Jesus in my heart, especially this day of Christmas.

A very joyful Christmas to all!  


Sunday, December 22, 2013


That was it! My whole experience about my smiling was simply Zen. Being in the moment, at that moment!

Wow, I wonder if the dove got a shot of that experience... That was beautiful!

Sunday, December 1, 2013

All Smiles

I was opening my Amrit Kalash ayurvedic herbs bottle when suddenly, I noticed my lips were pointing up, I mean, I was smiling... Literally, smiling! I don't know why. I had no thoughts. On the contrary, my mind was just on the bottle and opening it. It's not like I was happy because I remembered something to smile about. Or that I was smiling because I was happy about something, whichever came first, thought or the smile. But as I've just said, I had no thoughts. My mind was blank. Plainly, I was all smiles. And realizing that, the more I smiled. But now, there was a reason to smile, you understand? I was conscious this time. From a thoughtless to a mindful smile, a transformation took place. Now that made sense, don't you think?

Wasn't that funny, weird and funny? Has that ever happened to you? 

Abundance, Abundance!!

What a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend it has been! Thanksgiving Day, well spent with good old friends at the Atrium at Hyatt Burlingame. Seems to be everybody's favorite hangout although everybody agrees the price is really going up.

Then it was a lazy afternoon after that at home. Norman and I enjoyed watching NFL on tv the rest of the day and a great movie on-demand, The Great Gatsby, with the dashing actor, Leonardo Di Caprio. Just lazy, cozy, we enjoyed it actually, doing nothing.

Black Friday? I went to L'Occitane - That's the extent of my shopping.

Saturday, we had the Benefit Concert for Leyte at PPCo. in Oakland for Typhoon Haiyan's relief fund and it was a great success. Well-attended, with such outpouring of love and support, it was quite touching to see people come together for a great cause, others even giving more than the suggested donation. Great show with all artists sponsored by SF FILAM JAZZ FESTIVAL giving their services for free for our people affected by the typhoon. Truly a labor of love. 

And on a personal note, I was so happy to see my good friend, Annabelle Mosser, at the concert. She has just come back from The Philippines, from Bacolod, one of the hard-hit places in the Visayas and She's ALIVE! She was spared - Miraculous!

NFL Sunday and paperwork day, too, today. So much catching up but I'm determined to finally just do it! As I said, this is the beginning of the end of my paperwork. But I was also in and out of the house for a breather. Walked to the Marina with iPod on then went to Dragon Well for lunch.

Capping off the Thanksgiving weekend, we had a great dinner at Pane e Vino... The icing on the cake was, of course, SF 49ers winning... And the cherry on top, being able to talk to my Mom in MNL on the phone just before the end of Thanksgiving weekend in less than an hour from now.

So much to be thankful for! I'm sure I'll sleep well tonight.

... And how'd your Thanksgiving go?