Monday, May 29, 2017

God Works in Mysterious Ways

... Sometimes, in seemingly unmysterious, most mundane setup.

I've been taking antibiotics since last week for some infection. Then yesterday, I called Walgreens for more questions. In the course of our conversation, the pharmacist recommended probiotics. So I bought some yogurt, had some, but then later, I started to worry about the sugar in it, being pre- diabetic. Should I take the yogurt? What about the sugar content? I was terribly concerned. I prayed and prayed... and prayed for answers.

Today, I was tuned in to Dr. Oz show on TV while going in and out of the living room as I was preparing to go out. Just when I went back to the room to turn the tv off, guess what Dr. Oz' topic was - YOGURT!

He had a guest who was an expert on yogurt and they said to always check the sugar content on the package before buying - It should not be more than 18g. Dr. Oz was holding a set of small containers of yogurt like the ones I bought last night. And what did he say, "Throw these away."
My jaw dropped!  It was unbelievable that their topic was on yogurt, to begin with, but when he said those words, it was like him talking to me directly. I sat down for the rest of the program - Flabbergasted!

God talked to me through Dr. Oz... Dr. Oz answered my questions... God answered my prayer.

How great is that!

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